Lets make this easy for everyone, even those gov. officials who will see info on my blog that they do not like.


I love my country, and I will protect my country and its God given rights and freedoms! I will do this againstany threat wheather forigen OR domestic.

If you the reader take offense to anything stated in this blog, feel free to let me know via comment, email what ever
however… please remember in this great country it is also my right to say what I do on here, and you can simply not come back.

Anything posted on my blog is done so because of my interest, and want to share.  It does not mean that I believe what is posted as truth, but
do expect those of you who know more info to say so, or those who dont know not to belive what I say yet do what I do and research and come
back to update comments and or give more corrected information.

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