The Deep Forgotten Memories

The deep forgotten memories,
long lost in years pile of other memories,
stacked away in heaps tipping to fall,
oh how the slightest smell, touch, sound, or song
brings that one memory to the surface, like a rushing
submarine billowing towards the sky, reaching for the
heavens for light of day
Always those forgotten memories a welcomed visit,
only offering a second, or a songs breath, yet so welcomed,
As if a long lost friend has returned from the dead,
A death not granted nor wanted but a death indeed of
parting that was not asked for nor longed for, but still has
come for what seems another embrace
Wanting to hold onto the warmth that it brings or the overwhelming
need to run from the mass of pain you once remembered,
In good or bad, realizing that you must once again let the memory slowly fade into the depths of wince it came, back to the pits of
forgotten dreams, and lost hopes, of good and bad places of which new places, dreams, and hopes cover up,
So long my lost friend, so long forgotten warmth and happyness, so long pain and unwanted regret, so long……

Until again, we are thrust back together to do this dance again… The dance of the deep forgotten memories…

– Jasen Burkett
– 1/23/2014

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